“Divine music shall always be the sound of love, the sound of peace, the sound of life, the sound of bliss”

Alice Coltrane (1937 – 2007) is known for being married to John Coltrane. That he isn’t known for being married to her is a shame. They met on July 18 1963 and married in 1965. John became stepfather to her daughter Michelle, and they had three children of their own. She joined his band, playing piano with the group until his death in 1967.

After his death, she became deeply immersed in spiritual music and continued to explore the harp, which John had introduced her to. This led to some beautiful work, most famously Journey in Satchidananda (1970). Becoming increasingly devoted to eastern religion, she adopted the name Turiya. In 1974, she recorded Illuminations with Carlos Santana, who was also big into vedic religion.

She enjoyed a return to the spotlight thanks in part to a new generation of musicians inspired by the freedom and spirit of the music she wrote. Kieran Hebden’s 2003 album Rounds drew heavily on samples of her work. She returned to the stage in 2006 with her son Ravi Coltrane on sax, veteran Roy Haynes on drums, and Charlie Haden on bass. She died on 12th January in LA.

Alice Coltrane – A Love Supreme

Journey In Satchidananda

Journey In Satchidananda

Isis and Osiris


Bliss: the Eternal Now


Four Tet – My Angel Rocks Back and Forth