Here’s two tracks I love that I ripped from my vinyl copies last weekend before going up to Glasgow for Kaput! First up here I have some wonderful dub from a 7″ that was released to promote a Mr Scruff compilation a few years ago.

Dry and Heavy

This is the b-side and is by a Japanese dub group called Dry & Heavy, this is a really hot track and I had to put it up here. Could’ve done without the crackles but hey it shows it’s been played and (mis)handled over the years. Listen for the propeller whirling above you and those glistening keys dancing around in a world of echo, almost losing themselves were it not for that solid bass line keeping this cosmic body tethered to the earth. Sweet.

Dry & Heavy – Night Flight Pt2

May Day and The Car-Crash set….

Here’s a killer reggae disco cover by Grace Jones flanked by Sly & Robbie. Really tight version of The Normal’s classic and the perfect example of New York hitting Bahamas for some disco-fed, bastardised roots and the unmistakeable drawl of Jones as she takes us though her re-telling of the Ballard-influenced masterpiece.

Grace Jones - Warm Leatherette

Grace Jones – Warm Leatherette