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Carl Orff! Allegedly a Nazi, who knew? I can’t let that spoil this for me, sorry. Badlands is my favourite film. Try and tell me that this piece of music doesn’t make you wanna kill your girlfriend’s parents and hit the road?

Carl Orff – Gassenhauer (from musica poetica)

Also on my mind in this brave new year – the distant past. A past I never experienced, but re-live all the time in films, records, and my daydreams. Days of being wild, well combed hair, bad girls, UFOs, whisky drinkin’, yeah yeah yeah rock n roll was here to stay… so what happened??? Here’s some tunes to play in the car after slayin your elders.

Fats Domino – There Goes My Heart

Gene Vincent – Crazy Beat

Duane Eddy – Rebel Rouser

Oh yeah and how about some freakbeat while we’re at it

Johnny Wakelin – In Zaire (best track ever, guaranteed to win you friends)


Just a little post to reassure you there is life in our bones.

I’ve been away in foreign lands playing computer bopping music to people in dark rooms and then we had a break for christmas as we 3 wise men went our own ways back from whence we came. Now, all is back to normal. 3 cheers!

Will post up a hefty back of goodies shortly.

Happy new fears to you all!