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Southern Comfort is a 1981 cult classic that sees a group of weekend soldiers – National Guardsmen – get trapped in the bayou of Louisiana, where they manage to offend the local cajuns enough that they are hunted and one-by-one killed off. It’s a pretty un-subtle comment on America messin in places they shouldn’t be messin, Vietnam being the obvious parallel.

Anyway, the really great thing about this film is the soundtrack. It’s never been released, I’ve heard that it’s the most-requested soundtrack of all time (that hasn’t been made available).

Spoiler warning: this clip comes near the end of the film, so don’t watch it if you really care about that. But if you want to hear some badass authentic cajun music – this is ‘Parlez Nois a Boires’ by Dewey Balfa.

Anyway the really great thing on the soundtrack is Ry Cooder‘s guitar stuff. I’m not into Ry Cooder at all, I think it’s mostly new-age bullshit. But his Paris, Texas soundtrack is usually considered to be one of the best, a weird combination of drones, slides and harmonics; and this one is even better, a truly haunting piece of music.

 Ry Cooder – Theme from Southern Comfort