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German Oak

“…a Teutonic tribe standing in the ruins of some Roman temple, playing barbarian riffs on classical instruments too sizes too small. Aerosmith’s Joe Perry once said: “When all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” He must have been listening to German Oak.”

Julian Cope

Recorded in the Air Raid Shelter, Dusseldorf in 1972, this heavy, heavy record was largely ignored at the time. Perhaps not everyone in Germany was as ready to confront the ghosts of the war that the artwork and titles conjure up.

It’s now reissued on CD with three tracks not originally on the original release, as well as a 12″ repressing of the album as it was first available. Buy it here. I picked it up in Academy in Brooklyn on the recommendation of a friend. Dedicated to “our parents which had a bad time in world war 2”, I’ve had a few interesting conversations with German friends about it, with mixed reactions. But no one who actually listens, really listens to it, remains unpersuaded. It’s relentless. At first the repetition of riffs seems simplistic. But soon, the riff becomes everything, holy, monolithic, astonishing, relentless, undeniable. A pure dose of heavy psychadelic kraut freak-out.

Here’s the two extended jams from the album, as well as another killer groove from the CD reissue, opening with a tape sample that may not appeal to all…

Down In The Bunker

Raid Over Dusseldorf

The Third Reich




and Roedelius is my Navigator.

Moebius makes the tea.


Being a Krautrock nut, it’s quite likely that I will fire off many posts dedicated to the awesomeness of motorik (boom boom tshk! boom boom tshk!) and ambient (plink, plonk…hum) rock n roll. Today’s post from me (sorry we have been a little slack in the last week, but we have land to plough and women to attend to) features a piece by Harmonia the uhh, i suppose “super” group of kraut rock. The line-up was mainly comprised of Micheal Rother from Neu with Roedelius and Moebius from Cluster over several studio albums, the last of which also featured Eno as one of the principal players. Please fly like winged beasts hungry for the flesh of knowledge to this quivering carcass HERE.

Harmonia – Immer Wieder

Buy the album from Amazon – HERE


Jan Jelinek turns “parp” and “oo-wee-twoo” into “click” and “pop”.

It’s very nice too.

Several years ago he made a rekid called Loop-finding-jazz Records. It was comprised of many, many micro samples and processed recordings all from jazz music records. I find it perfectly inhabits a place, a medium between dance and ambient music.


I’ve used the song below in many dj sets, it kicks click & hiss ass and the waves come over you like the ocean to a doomed mariner! Boom! Here’s a video for another song of the same album. I find it hard to believe this was on MTV…ha, awesome.

Jan Jelinek – Rock in a Video Age

Buy the album direct from ~scape records – HERE

Ok, that’s your lot for today, we be busy men. There’s women to plough and land to attend to.