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Carl Orff! Allegedly a Nazi, who knew? I can’t let that spoil this for me, sorry. Badlands is my favourite film. Try and tell me that this piece of music doesn’t make you wanna kill your girlfriend’s parents and hit the road?

Carl Orff – Gassenhauer (from musica poetica)

Also on my mind in this brave new year – the distant past. A past I never experienced, but re-live all the time in films, records, and my daydreams. Days of being wild, well combed hair, bad girls, UFOs, whisky drinkin’, yeah yeah yeah rock n roll was here to stay… so what happened??? Here’s some tunes to play in the car after slayin your elders.

Fats Domino – There Goes My Heart

Gene Vincent – Crazy Beat

Duane Eddy – Rebel Rouser

Oh yeah and how about some freakbeat while we’re at it

Johnny Wakelin – In Zaire (best track ever, guaranteed to win you friends)


German Oak

“…a Teutonic tribe standing in the ruins of some Roman temple, playing barbarian riffs on classical instruments too sizes too small. Aerosmith’s Joe Perry once said: “When all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” He must have been listening to German Oak.”

Julian Cope

Recorded in the Air Raid Shelter, Dusseldorf in 1972, this heavy, heavy record was largely ignored at the time. Perhaps not everyone in Germany was as ready to confront the ghosts of the war that the artwork and titles conjure up.

It’s now reissued on CD with three tracks not originally on the original release, as well as a 12″ repressing of the album as it was first available. Buy it here. I picked it up in Academy in Brooklyn on the recommendation of a friend. Dedicated to “our parents which had a bad time in world war 2”, I’ve had a few interesting conversations with German friends about it, with mixed reactions. But no one who actually listens, really listens to it, remains unpersuaded. It’s relentless. At first the repetition of riffs seems simplistic. But soon, the riff becomes everything, holy, monolithic, astonishing, relentless, undeniable. A pure dose of heavy psychadelic kraut freak-out.

Here’s the two extended jams from the album, as well as another killer groove from the CD reissue, opening with a tape sample that may not appeal to all…

Down In The Bunker

Raid Over Dusseldorf

The Third Reich



Here’s one for a Saturday night. Marc Moulin is a living jazz-fusion legend. Here’s a killer beat from his first record with Placebo in 1971.

Placebo – Humpty Dumpty




If you can find a copy of ‘Ball of Eyes’ it could set you back a few hundred quid.

Here, try some more:

Placebo – Temse


Another good Marc Moulin record that I’ve been enjoying recently is ‘Sam Suffy’. More killer beats, funky arrangements, and some wild keys from Marc. Prepare for lift off, lovvers.

Tohu Bohu (pt 1)

Tohu Bohu (pt 2)

Tohu Bohu (pt 3)

Tohu Bohu (pt 4)

Tohu Bohu (pt 5)


As if all this wasn’t cool enough, Moulin went on to form Telex in 1978.  Basically conceived as a joke, they performed all electronic covers of hit songs, wrote a few of their own, appeared on the Eurovision song contest with a song about how shit Eurovision is, got Sparks to write lyrics for them, never played live, and then somehow got a deal with Warner Bros. Respect.


Moskow Diskow

Twist St Tropez

Rock Around the Clock (Bill Haley)

Dance To The Music (Sly and the Family Stone)

Sigmund Freud’s Party (lyrics by Sparks)







I don’t care what the haters say, I’m going to see Animal Collective this week and it’s going to be a good time, like the Beach Boys during one of Brian Wilson’s bad trips. Might even re-use my Halloween mask, it’s only the day after. Peacebone!


Animal Collective & Vashti Bunyan – I remember learning how to dive

Also on my mind this week…


This naked Japanese guy is Pseudo-Nippon. I saw him opening at an Upset the Rhythm show a few weeks ago, and he blew me away. Imagine aliens landed in Tokyo and decided that gabba should be the new language of the universe. Then they decided to learn karate and move to Shoreditch. You’re getting close, but you’re not there yet.


Big Man Moustache