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Carl Orff! Allegedly a Nazi, who knew? I can’t let that spoil this for me, sorry. Badlands is my favourite film. Try and tell me that this piece of music doesn’t make you wanna kill your girlfriend’s parents and hit the road?

Carl Orff – Gassenhauer (from musica poetica)

Also on my mind in this brave new year – the distant past. A past I never experienced, but re-live all the time in films, records, and my daydreams. Days of being wild, well combed hair, bad girls, UFOs, whisky drinkin’, yeah yeah yeah rock n roll was here to stay… so what happened??? Here’s some tunes to play in the car after slayin your elders.

Fats Domino – There Goes My Heart

Gene Vincent – Crazy Beat

Duane Eddy – Rebel Rouser

Oh yeah and how about some freakbeat while we’re at it

Johnny Wakelin – In Zaire (best track ever, guaranteed to win you friends)



They just don’t make ’em like this anymore. Pistol-packin, teen, terrific, pedantic – the Shangri-Las are the coolest girl group ever. When he met them, James Brown couldn’t believe they were white. For a while, the Sonics were their backing band. When it wasn’t the Sonics, it was the Iguanas (the band Iggy Pop played in, where he got the nick-name).

They came from Queens, two sets of sisters, although most people thought they were a trio, because Betty rarely bothered showing up for photoshoots (or tours). Here’s a rare performance by all four…

What realy makes these tracks special is the production work by George “Shadow” Morton. He was twenty years old when he wrote and recorded Remember (Walking in the Sand) with the group. Check out the echo on that track… I think all these tracks are pretty much essential. Read all about them.

Give Him a Great Big Kiss

Remember (Walking in the Sand)


I Can Never Go Home Anymore

Out in the Street

I like guitars. I was a metaller as a kid and while I’ve changed alot since then I still get a kick out of a certain fuzz from the likes of Sleep, Scott Reader and a plethora of people influenced by Messrs Iommi and Butler.

However, there’s that sound and then there’s just all out warfare. All guns firing, shells clattering round your feet as you deliver lead justice to the (war)pigs of the world. Something which I find in abundance within the belly of the amazing Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. A poisoned apple in contemporary, they are not as “big” as they should be…Their vibrant sexbeat is a potent mixture of Bauhaus, Gun Club, Cramps and a slew of other groups powered by sweat and crude oil.

Here’s their new video…it’s a pretty good song, not their best but still pissed over most of the “edgy” indie stuff out there. Their debut album Horse of the Dog is well worth getting so gather up your glass cheques and get it.

I’ve been playing Caetano Veloso a lot recently and only really learned much about him from here. He’s been such a huge artist and my gaze has only been brought his work a short time ago that i’ve been diving in deep to get into this man’s wonderful music.

This is his face. Look at it….

Sendspace links:

Caetano Veloso – Empty Boat

Captain Beefheart – Hot Head