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Shit hot. Tracks from the new Burial album. Anonymous, faceless London producer. No sequencer. No quantized beats.

The first album felt like London being drowned, a sonic burial. This feels warmer, but still completely connected to the sounds of the city. Deep electronic glows. Subterranean rumbling bass. A heartbeat beneath the tarmac. Percussion like metal sliding over metal, a blade being honed. Waking up still in a dream. A phone rings somewhere, the girl next door is singing in the morning.
Desires either erase the city, or are erased by it.

This comes in delicious double vinyl. Order online at Boomkat.


Here’s one for a Saturday night. Marc Moulin is a living jazz-fusion legend. Here’s a killer beat from his first record with Placebo in 1971.

Placebo – Humpty Dumpty




If you can find a copy of ‘Ball of Eyes’ it could set you back a few hundred quid.

Here, try some more:

Placebo – Temse


Another good Marc Moulin record that I’ve been enjoying recently is ‘Sam Suffy’. More killer beats, funky arrangements, and some wild keys from Marc. Prepare for lift off, lovvers.

Tohu Bohu (pt 1)

Tohu Bohu (pt 2)

Tohu Bohu (pt 3)

Tohu Bohu (pt 4)

Tohu Bohu (pt 5)


As if all this wasn’t cool enough, Moulin went on to form Telex in 1978.  Basically conceived as a joke, they performed all electronic covers of hit songs, wrote a few of their own, appeared on the Eurovision song contest with a song about how shit Eurovision is, got Sparks to write lyrics for them, never played live, and then somehow got a deal with Warner Bros. Respect.


Moskow Diskow

Twist St Tropez

Rock Around the Clock (Bill Haley)

Dance To The Music (Sly and the Family Stone)

Sigmund Freud’s Party (lyrics by Sparks)